Canvas for JIRA 2.4

Aug 29th 2016

This new version of Comala Canvas for JIRA allows issues to be ranked on boards using the JIRA Ranking feature, many improvements and bug fixes.

New to Canvas for JIRA?

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Install through the plugin repository or manually.


No Downgrade path from pre 2.3 releases

Due to the changes in the board model in the 2.3 release there is no downgrade path once the 2.3 release has been installed.  If you are upgrading from the 2.2 release or before, existing saved boards will be converted to the new internal model as they are used.



What's New

Support for JIRA Ranking feature

Issues can now be ranked by drag-and-drop on boards, using the JIRA Ranking feature. This requires the 'rank' field to be used in the JQL filter. A dialog will be displayed if an issue is moved but the Ranking feature is not active.


Other Updates and Bug fixes

  • Sub issues can now be assigned from the issue preview dialog.
  • Fixed an issue where saving a board with the same name was not being overwritten
  • Fixed an issue where double scroll-bars were displayed in certain conditions.
  • Fixed an issue where labels with capital letters were not assigned when moving issues.