Canvas for JIRA 2.2

February 4th 2016

We're very excited to bring you the new Comala Canvas for JIRA 2.2, with new user interface improvements, color coding for your issues, and improved issue count totals for rows and columns.

In addition, epics can now be assigned directly from a board, and we've improved the issue preview to display all your linked issues. Finally, this release also includes a number of general updates and bug fixes.

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Install through the plugin repository or manually.

What's New

Issues can now be color coded, and issue counters are displayed for rows, columns and cells

Associate colors to your issues so you can distinguish at a glance what issues are to be discussed, problematic, or any other notation you see fit. In addition, we have added an issue counter that will appear in all rows and columns.

You can now organise your epics

Planning and organising your epics is now easier than ever. Issues can be assigned or unassigned to and from epics directly from a board.

Improved issue preview

The issue preview now shows also all linked issues e.g., all the issues in an epic or sub-task within a feature.




Other Updates and Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue regarding the display of the "Help" pop-up.

  • Minor UI improvements.