Canvas for JIRA Server 1.2

November 18, 2014

Canvas for JIRA Server 1.2 is a feature release adding a dynamic column sizing and always visible column headers.

What's New

Dynamic Columns and Fixed Headers

Columns on a board will now dynamically resize to fit the number of field values.  This reduces the amount of side scrolling required.  As part of this change we have also introduced fixed column headers, so when your board has a lot of rows you will always know what column you are dropping an issue into.

Save Canvas Improvements

We have improved the user experience around saved canvases making it more familiar to the way filters are handled in the issue navigator.  If you make a change an 'edited' notification will appear allowing you to save the modification or discard it and return to the saved canvas.

Edit JQL Directly

You can now modify the JQL of your board.

Other Update and Bug Fixes

  • Issue Created and Updated now available as fields to add to a board.
  • The drop area when moving cards has been increased to the entire container.
  • Estimates and time remaining added to the issue hover information.