Canvas for JIRA Server 1.1

October 15 2014

Canvas for JIRA Server 1.1 is a feature release adding a new canvas picker, the ability to move rows and columns and status transitions directly from issues.


What's New

New Board/Filter/Project Picker

You can now quickly select your Boards, Filters or Project through own new canvas picker.

Move Rows/Columns

One of the most requested features! You can now change the order of the columns and rows!

The customised rows and columns can then be saved as a custom canvas or shared with other users using the share button.


Transition Issues on any board

At any time, on any board you can now transitions issues through the workflow. 

If you have the issue status as one of your rows or columns you can still drag and drop issues to make changes to the status as well.



Other Update and Bug Fixes

  • Closed issues now displayed with strikethrough summary to match default JIRA formatting.
  • Sprint field now sorts by date by default, the uncategorised column is also referred to as 'backlog' when using sprints.
  • Improvements to help window and welcome screen.  New users will default to the my open issues filter when they open a canvas board for the first time.