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Easy-to-use Canvas boards let you visually organize any project in Jira.

Project issues can be organized as cards - simply drag them to transition, change priorities, reschedule, or assign.

With Comala Canvas for Jira you can

  • add agile boards (Kanban or Scrum) for any of your projects
  • use Plan Mode to keep teams on track and ready for the future
  • see the dependencies between your issues with visible lines
  • create a matrix view using any custom fields as rows or columns
  • transition or change any issue attribute directly from boards

Comala Canvas can be used to refine your views using our quick filters or JQL.

You can easily combine one or more different projects into a board to view issues (as long as you have access to each of the projects).

Non-admin users can also create and delete their own Canvas Board and filters. A typical use is by a user who does not have permission to create project boards in Jira, they can instead create their own Canvas Board to keep track of issues across multiple projects. 

Opening Canvas

Whether in Cloud, Server or Data Center, to begin using Comala Canvas for Jira select Canvas from your JIRA Dashboard.

Configuring Canvas

Once Comala Canvas for Jira is installed, a global administrator can configure the default settings for Comala Canvas boards by choosing Configure in the Comala Canvas Manage Apps screen.

A board can be configured to

  • load a maximum number of issues (load threshold)
  • filters to use for Rows/Columns
  • issue types and color scheme

See Comala Canvas Administration Configuration.

(info) A non-admin user has no access to these configuration settings.

Using the Canvas Picker

Use the Canvas Picker to select existing projects or filters to get started in Canvas. 

All existing issues within your chosen project or favourite filter will then display on a Canvas board.

(info) You can also save the Canvas layouts you build, which will then appear in the Canvas Picker.

Opening Canvas in a project

If you are already in a project, you can select Boards option from the JIRA sidebar.

Creating and populating your Canvas board

Once you have added a board you can

A non-admin user can create and delete their own boards and add their own filters.

Saving and sharing your Canvas board

Use the ellipsis menu when viewing your board to save your board for later.

To save, simply add a unique name for your board.

Once saved, choose Share board to copy the board url to allow others to use the board on other projects.