The magnetic movement feature makes it easier to add issues to your Agile Ranking boards.

Even though it's technically possible, we do not recommend putting more than one issue in a single cell, and we do suggest you discuss and remove issues from your ranking to avoid placing two in the same cell.

However, as the popular adage attributed to Benjamin Brewster says:

“In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice. But in practice, there is.”

Thus, in our fast-paced lives, urgent issues may appear at any time which supersede the rest.

Take the following example, where TIS-51 Build out employee handbook for employees on Mars has been waiting for years, but has to be done... now! 

Moving all the issues one by one to the next cell is too cumbersome for busy Product Managers. 

That's why we introduced magnetic movement in Comala Agile Ranking.

Just press the ⌥ Option key in Mac or Alt for Unix and Windows while dragging a card to activate Magnetic Mode.

Drop your card over a group of two cards and watch them jump to the next available position.

In the previous screenshot, the next available position is cell #12, and so in the following screen when we drop our issue TIS-51 into the first position, all the other cards have re-oriented themselves around that open position.