Start using Agile Ranking

To begin using Comala Agile Ranking, go to your JIRA project sidebar.

You will find the two critical pieces of Comala Agile Ranking

Depending on where you are in the process, either ranking your issues or planning your issues, select one of these options.

Agile Ranking

Agile Ranking is the place where the process of ranking starts. 

The (Chief) Product owner, product manager or any other managerial role starts by selecting the issue type.

Next, you will arrange the issues based on their business value (i.e., importance) and opportunity/delay cost (urgency)

Your own rankings will heavily depend on the issue type and the industry of your organization. For example

  • the cost of delaying a security bug significantly impacts your brand trustworthiness if you are a bank, but delaying a new UX improvement will barely be noticed

In the app Agile Ranking screen, you can choose the board filter and issue types to rank

  • unranked issues are displayed by default as a list
  • issues can be ranked by dragging to position on the ranking matrix in the screen

Agile Backlog

The Agile Backlog is where the sprint planning happens.

The product owner, scrum master, the development team and any other stakeholder involved have a discussion to plan the sprints.

In this stage, the already ranked issues are grouped by Issue Type, as they were in the Agile Ranking screen. Now it's up to the team to allocate the issues based on the previous ranking, but to also balance the workload according to the velocity of the team. 

In the app Agile Backlog screen, the ranked issues for the Agile Ranking screen board filter

  • are grouped by issue type
  • have a ranking number for each issue based on the ranking decisions made in the Agile ranking screen

You can then plan the sprint by dragging and dropping issues from the ranked backlog to the sprint. 

When planning your sprints, if you need to change the decisions on issue urgency and importance, this must be done in the Agile Ranking screen.

Agile Ranking Screens