Updates are made periodically and will automatically be available in your Jira cloud instance.

Check out the release log below to see what we've been working on recently.

September 22nd 2022

After careful consideration, Comala Agile Ranking for Cloud will be retired and no longer available for purchase, use, or support after Dec 22, 2022.

Current customers and evaluators were informed of this change on Sep 22, 2022.

The latest version enables current users to continue using this app until December 22 free of charge.

May 9th 2022

  • maintenance updates for stability and performance

October 27th 2021

    • maintenance updates due to Atlassian installation lifecycle changes

May 19th 2021

  • Atlassian Connect Framework vulnerability update

November 18th 2020

  • Minor update for secure TLS connection to some databases
  • Bug fixes
    • endpoint to retrieve the issue key properties could send too many issue keys

May 22nd 2020

  • Minor update to remove Google Analytics

April 12th 2020

  • Minor bug fixes and compatibility with Jira

December 2nd 2019

  • Updates to work with Jira permissions API changes

October 18th 2019

  • Bug fixes, including:
    • Rendering problems on Safari and Chrome
    • Custom field rendering into Agile Ranking

August 28 2018

  • New Magnetic Mode added. In the Ranking page, in Magnetic Mode when an issue is moved to a cell that already contains 2 issues, the issues in the cell are shifted to the next cell according to cell numbers.
  • Minor UI improvements.

January 31 2018

  • Added new Perspectives.
  • Added new Sprint Velocity/Limit Calculator.
  • Added grouping by Epic Link.
  • The Agile Backlog now displays the Epics grouped Fixed an issue that displayed a wrong URL when sharing a board.
  • Fixed an issue with invalid links in the issue description.
  • Added a new board selector in the new Jira experience to link all boards to their respective projects.

  • Minor UI improvements.

September 27 2017

  • From now on, Agile Ranking will allow you to manage projects without Agile boards.
  • Agile Ranking logs recent ranking activity in Jira.

  • Minor UI improvements.
  • Several bug fixes.

September 11 2017

  • Minor UI improvements.

August 11 2017

Agile Ranking. You can now rank epics.

  • Adds progress bar to show Epic completion in the cards
  • Epic preview with a detailed view of the progression of the containing issues
  • Improvements to maintain board configuration after page refresh.
  • Other minor improvements and bug fixes.

July 7 2017

  • New "Refresh and Load More" buttons.
  • Agile Backlog: Now allows to un-plan issues.
  • Agile Ranking: New option to filter by projects in the unranked issues section. 
  • Fixed an issue sorting Stories.
  • Fixed an issue regarding the starting time set to Sprints.
  • Multiple UI improvements.

May 19 2017

Hello World! Initial release of Agile Ranking: Rank your issues by type, organize the needs of different stakeholders, and to define priorities according to importance and urgency, then use those rankings to effectively plan your next Sprint.

  • Product owners take full control of their backlog, ordering features based on their importance of delivery and urgency to be released.
  • Better align team tasks with customers' true priorities, increasing their satisfaction.
  • Rank bugs in triage meetings with your support team, getting to the heart of customers' needs
  • With a ranked backlog your Scrum team will discover truly Agile sprint planning, leaving no doubt as to what has to be included in your next sprint!

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