At Comalatech, we use Agile methodologies to increase our overall effectiveness and backlog prioritization is our main tactic to achieve it. In this context, the Product Owner, the person in charge of that prioritization, meets with different stakeholders across the organization, each of them with different needs and goals:

  • Support Managers need bugs prioritized to help close tickets
  • UX Gurus want their improvements to be resolved first so they can try out exciting new designs
  • Managers have ideas for new features, which usually take precedence over everything else

A big part of the Product Owner's role is to keep a clean JIRA backlog, and to plan the upcoming sprints. This process is not easy, since they must balance the demands of multiple team members, and not everyone agrees on which issue should take priority; which issue gets the most attention? 

Using the feedback they collected from these meetings, the Product Owner builds a backlog in JIRA with dozens of items with same priority (trivial, minor, major...) that had to be ranked before being included into the Sprint. Comala Agile Ranking represents a new way to rank your JIRA issues, based on the business value (i.e., importance) and opportunity/delay cost (urgency).

Use Comala Agile Ranking to rank your issues by type, organize the needs of different stakeholders, and to define priorities according to importance and urgency, then use those rankings to effectively plan your next Sprint.

The benefits of Comala Agile Ranking:

  • Product owners take full control of their backlog, ordering features based on their importance of delivery and urgency to be released.
  • Better align team tasks with customers' true priorities, increasing their satisfaction.
  • Rank bugs in triage meetings with your support team, getting to the heart of customers' needs
  • With a ranked backlog your Scrum team will discover truly Agile sprint planning, leaving no doubt as to what has to be included in your next sprint!

Ready to start ranking like a pro? Check the Agile Ranking User's Guide. Otherwise, if your backlog needs grooming or refinement, you can have a look to Getting Started with Canvas for JIRA.