Once you have installed the Comala Publishing app you can sync two spaces: one as a draft space and the other as the published space.

  • Draft space for all content additions and editing
  • Published space shows the published content

Content in the draft space is published to a published space.

You can choose to

Publish content from a current space to another space

This links a draft space to the published space to which the draft content will be published

Publish content from another space to the current space

This links a published space to the draft space from which the draft content will be published

Set up a draft or published space

  1. Choose Publishing in Space tools


  2. Choose one of the Publish options

  3. Choose Publish to another space
    • the pages of this current space will be the draft space and will be published to another space
    • if you choose Publish from another Space - the pages from another space are published to the current space

  4. Choose Next

  5. Use the dropdown menu to select a Published Space

     If you have chosen to Publish from another space to the current space, then the chosen space will be the Draft space.

  6. Choose Link

  7. Click Finish to return to the Publishing dashboard in Space tools

The draft and published spaces are now linked but you must perform an initial synchronization

  • choose Configure to select the publishing options
  • select Publish to synchronize the two spaces

Comala Publishing is not designed to publish a page that is the child of the draft space homepage to be a child of another space homepage. If you publish a page whose parent does not exist in the published space it becomes an orphan in the published space.

When first publishing a draft space configure publishing to delete content added in the published space to

  • remove the published space home page
  • replace the deleted published space home page with a copy of the draft space home page
  • set this published page as the published space home page

If you don't want to publish the draft space home page you can configure the draft space Publish settings to ignore the top-level pages in the draft space when publishing. This setting also means that any orphan pages in the draft space will not be published.