Once you have installed the Comala Publishing plugin, you can sync two spaces: one as a draft space and the other as the published space.

  • Draft space: All content additions and editing occur in the draft space.
  • Published space: Shows the published content.

Content on the draft space is published to a published space. You can choose the published space to which the draft content is published.

To set up a draft or published space:

  1. Go to Publishing in Space tools, and the Comala Publishing window opens.
  2. Choose one of the options:
    • Publish to another Space: The pages of this space are published to another space.
    • Publish from another Space: The pages from another space are published to this space.
  3. Click Next and the Select Published Space window appears.
  4. Select a Published Space or Draft Space from the list.
  5. Click Link and the confirmation window appears.
  6. Click Finish to return to the Publishing tab in Space tools.
  7. Click Configure to select publishing options.
  8. Click Publish to synchronize the two spaces. Your spaces are now synchronized. Click Create to begin working in the space.