Latest Release

Minimum Compatibility

The latest release v2.17.0 requires at least Confluence 7.13.11 to operate correctly.

Confluence 7.13.11+You will need to update Comala Publishing to at least v2.17.0
Confluence 7.8+You will need to update Comala Publishing to at least v2.16+
Confluence  7.1+You will need to update Comala Publishing to at least v2.15.2   

Recent Releases

What's New in 2.17.0

Our new documentation space for Comala Publishing for Data Center and Server is now live!

We have updated the in-app links to the new documentation space.

 This old documentation space at will no longer be updated for Comala Publishing for Data Center and Server.

If you have any questions please open a ticket with our support team.

What's New in 2.16

As part of our integration into the Appfire family, Comala Publishing is now a member of the One Appfire app offering. We have updated our app logo and related assets.

What's New in 2.15.6

Seibert Media Linchpin Enterprise News Integration

Comala Publishing 2.15.6+ now provides integration with the Linchpin Enterprise News app for page publishing events. News published using Comala Publishing 2.15.6+ now retains the teaser and metadata. This integration works for first-time publishing of content and publishing content updates.

(info) Note that his integration requires Linchpin Enterprise News v2.19.0+ 

Legal updates

As part of our integration into the Appfire family, we have updated our EULA, copyright statements, and associated references.

What's New in 2.15.3

Updated Configure Settings screen for publishing configuration

What's New in 2.15

Updated Configuration Page

  • Reorganized the configuration UI to improve usability. Options are now grouped in sub-menus
  • For more information please refer to the documentation

Updated Global Admin Page

  • Updated the layout and in-app text of the global admin screen to make it easier for users to configure Publishing

New dialog when publishing to skip page changes review

  •  If there are a large number of pages at the time of publishing, this dialog allows the user to choose to publish without generating and viewing the changes report that lists all the content to be modified

What's New in 2.14

New Publishing Report Filters

Publishing 2.14 includes new filtering capabilities in the View Changes page.

Pages and blog posts can be filtered by

  • Content, Status
  • Updated by
  • From/To range of dates

What's New in 2.13

Confluence 7 Compatibility

  • Comala Publishing is now compatible with Confluence 7.0.

What's New in 2.12

Improved Publishing Report

In Space Tools, under Publishing the View Changes report has been improved.

The new report shows:

  • New pages and/or blog posts
  • Labels Added
  • Attachments Added, Updated or Deleted
  • Attachment Labels Updated
  • Page Properties Updated
  • Page Restrictions Updated  
  • Published space Out of Sync pages label
  • Comala Workflows not sync pages

New ignore-publishing macro

A new ignore-publishing macro has been added to allow content to be excluded from publishing.

What's New in 2.11

Performance Improvements for large spaces

This release of Comala Publishing improves the way the change log for large spaces is generated which will reduce the amount of time it takes to publish the entire space.

What's New in 2.10

Comala Publishing support for Read Only Mode

Publishing 2.10 has been updated to support the new Confluence Data Center 6.10 Read Only Mode feature. Features that are not available in Read Only Mode will display messages to inform the user that the functionality is unavailable at the moment. 

When an action is not allowed during Read Only Mode - for example: publishing a page - Confluence redirects to a page similar to:

What's New in 2.9

Exclusive sync-label

You can now mark pages you do not want to publish with the exclusive sync-label, and they won't be included when you publish your space. 

Cascade synchronization

We have added a new configuration option to allow you to select whether you want to include child pages with sync-label synchronization, or not.

What's New in 2.8

New publishing API

A new Publishing programming API is provided. The Developer Guide page is located here.

The following Publishing events are available through the API:

The documentation for the current 2.8.0 version is located at: Comala Publishing API 2.8.0

What's New in 2.7

Emails notification on single page publishing

Pages will send an email notification whenever they are published. The notification will work for single page publishing. Space notifications are turned off due to the huge amount of notifications that would be sent when publishing the whole space.


What's New in 2.6

Compatibility with

Pages that contain macros will now be modified on publishing so the attachment version referenced in the macro matches the attachment version on the published page.

Copying JSON Content Properties

If you use another add-on that stores information via the JSON Content Property API these will now be available to be copied on page or space publishing.


What's New in 2.5

Mirroring of page restrictions

Adds a new Advanced Option to mirror page restrictions from Draft space to Published/Copied spaces.


What's New in 2.4

Editing Published Space Warning

Editing a page in the published space displays a warning.

What's New in 2.3

Replacing the modification date

A new option in the publishing and copy configuration allows you to use the current date as the modification date for published or copied pages and attachments.


New Publishing Progress Screen

We've made some improvements to the space publishing and copying in progress screen.  When finished, it will return to the publishing status screen when publishing or link to the target space when copying.

What's New in 2.2

Say hello to Comala Publishing.  Same great add-on, new name and logo.


We are changing the name of our add-ons to make it easier to identify Comalatech add-ons in the Atlassian marketplace.  Ad hoc Publishing will now be known as Comala Publishing.  All existing licenses are still valid, and integrations with Workflows will work as before.  Upgrading to this version should be via the plugin manager as normal.

What's New in 2.1

Ad hoc Workflow Integration Improvements


There is a new option in the space configuration that lets you publish pages in the final workflow state only. This makes it easier to transition from using Ad hoc Workflows publishing to using space publishing, or to take a copy of your space that only includes the approved pages at a given point in time.

We have also added a new configuration option to control the display of the published-page lozenge. If you are are using Ad hoc Workflows to control the publishing of pages to a different space, the published indicator from the Ad hoc Publishing plugin can be hidden to avoid confusion.




Draft Space Indicator

A new indicator has been added to publishing draft spaces. You can disable this in space configuration, if required.

What's New in 2.0

Ad hoc Publishing 2.0 is a commercial upgrade to the existing free Content Publishing Plugin. 

We have introduced some new features to improve the experience using the plugin on its own, revamped the UI and provided updates for publishing as part of your workflow through the Ad hoc Workflows plugin.

In converting to a commercial model for this plugin, Comalatech commits to devoting the developer time necessary to maintain compatibility with each new release of Confluence, addressing long-standing issues and developing new features.

Keep two spaces in sync by creating a draft space for all your edits and a public space for all your published content. 

Single Page Publishing

It is now possible to publish one page at a time from your draft space to your published space directly from the draft page.  Publishing previously only allowed for the whole space to be published at once in its entirety, unless you had Comalatech's Ad hoc Workflows.

Integration with Ad hoc Workflows is still supported: this allows you to specify that a page must go through an approval or sign-off process before being published.

Page Status Display

We've added a new lozenge that will appear alongside the page title. It states whether a page is currently published, or has unpublished changes.  It is only visible to users who can edit the page on the draft space. This way authors know the current state of the page no matter which version they are viewing.

We have also taken the hassle out of setting up a link between the draft space and the published space.  While previously possible using custom space themes coupled with using various macros, a link to the corresponding space just displayed by default. Like the page status lozenge, it is only visible to users who can edit the draft version of a page.

Support for page renaming

In this 2.0 release we revamped the way the single page publishing works, so page renaming now works as you would expect it to. A (now past) long-standing issue with Publishing was that renamed pages were not correctly updated on the published space, such that a rename would leave both an old page and create a new, renamed, one. This is no longer the case. 

(For existing spaces, this feature will be available after you have published a page the first time using 2.0 release.)