You can select options for publishing pages and blog posts in a space. These settings are applied to both single-page and space publishing.

In the draft space choose the Publishing option from the space tools menu

If the current space has been linked to a published space the current status of publishing will be displayed.

The screen display includes

  • the current space (draft space) name and the space currently configured as the published space
  • the publishing status showing date and time of the most recent whole space synchronization

If no space has not been linked, the message will ask you to link the space and perform an initial synchronization of the content.

The current space may (if configured) also have a draft watermark added to its name in the sidebar.

If the current space is an existing published space a message will display a link to the draft space to configure the publishing options.

Publish space

Publish Space is selected by default. If not already displayed in the draft space, choose this option to edit publishing settings.

The Publishing dashboard includes option buttons to

(info) Comala Publishing is not designed to publish a child page from the draft space to be a child of a page that only exists in the published space. If the parent page does not exist in the published space the page will be published to the root of the space.

Copy space

You can choose to simply copy the space content to another space.

Choose Copy Space to select a target space and configure the options for copying the content.

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