User Permissions

To publish a draft page or space you must have

Publish a single page

You can publish a single page or blog post ... 

... when Single Page Publishing is enabled in the space tools Publishing dashboard.

When the content has been published a link to the published content is added to the draft content.

In the published space users will see a link to the draft content if they have at least view permission for the draft space.

Publish the space

...or go to Publishing in Space tools ...

... to publish the space as a whole.

You can

Using Comala Publishing together with Comala Document Management

Content can also be published using Comala Publishing together with Comala Document Management app. For example, if a Comalatech workflow is added and applied to content, the publishing action can be set to occur on the workflow transition to the final state. See  Configuring publishing settings.

Publishing status lozenges

You can configure the app to display a publishing status lozenge on the draft and published content.

Publishing status will display content with

  • OUT OF SYNC a yellow OUT OF SYNC lozenge if the content has changed in either the draft or public space

  • NEW a blue NEW lozenge if a new content has been created in the draft space

  • PUBLISHED a green PUBLISHED lozenge if the content has been published and the draft and published space are still the same

Who can see the Publishing status lozenge?

The display of the Comala Publishing status lozenge on the source space content can be configured in Publishing settings.

Check the Display Publishing Status Lozenge option to enable the display of the lozenge.

If you have Comala Document Management installed it may be useful for clarity to hide the publishing lozenge.

In the target space the display of the publishing status lozenge is based on the current user Confluence permissions for the content in the source space.

  • if the current user has view permission for the source content, they will see the lozenge and a link to the draft page on the target space content

  • if the current user does not have view permission for the source content, the publishing lozenge is not displayed and there is no link to the draft content on the target space content