Publish a whole spaceYou can publish the whole space in a few simple steps.

You must be

  • a space admin in the draft space to access whole-space publishing
  • a member of the groups added to the Publishers Group in Comala Publishing global configuration (check with your global administrator)

Additionally, for users to publish the whole space they need to be a space admin in the published space.

Publishing a space

Once a draft space and published space  has been configured for publishing to publish the space content 

  • choose Publishing in space tools

  • choose Publish button in the Publish Space dashboard

    The dashboard will display details of source space and published space and the last whole space synchronization (if the space has been published previously).
  • choose No, Publish in the dialog box

  • Publish in progress bar will be displayed until ...

  • ... Publishing is complete!

The last synchronization details are updated in the space tools Publishing dashboard.

Prior to publishing, you must have set up a draft and published space.

You can also choose

  • Configure to adjust publishing settings to manage what is published and what data is published
  • View Changes to display a list of pending content changes for each of the draft and the published spaces

When the content in the spaces is synchronized, all draft and published space pages will display the PUBLISHED status lozenge (if enabled in Publish Settings Display Options).

You can edit and save changes on a published page in the published space. However, when you publish the draft version of that page, it will overwrite the content on the published page.

If you publish a page with no parent in the published space the page will be published to the root of the published space - it will be an orphan page.

if you want to publish the draft space homepage to replace the published space home page this can be done when initializing a space - publishing a space for the first time. You must configure the initial Publish to delete content in the published space.

If the published space original homepage is removed later you will have to manually set the required home page.