You can publish a single page on the page itself.

This adds the Publish breadcrumb to content in the source space (if the content is not in sync with the target published space).

(info) Other publishing configuration options may mean that the Publish breadcrumb is not visible

You need to have the following permissions in the published space to publish a draft page or blog post

  • View All
  • Add and Delete pages
  • Add and Delete news
  • Add and Delete attachments

You will also need to check that

  • a source space and published have been set up
  • in the published space, the page you are publishing does not have any page restrictions limiting your access
  • you are a member of the groups added to the Publishers Group in Comala Publishing global configuration (check with your global administrator)

SIngle page publishing

An existing page in the draft space that has been published will display a PUBLISHED lozenge and a link to the published space content.

To publish changes to an existing single page

  • Edit an existing page and Update

    An OUT OF SYNC publishing lozenge is added to the draft content. This lozenge will also be added to the published space content.

  • Choose Publish

    The dialog box requests confirmation of the Publish and sync for this content. It also displays the target published space name.

  • choose Yes to publish and sync the page

The publish and sync of the single page is confirmed on-screen.

The draft and published space pages will both display the PUBLISHED status lozenge.

  • draft (source) space page

  • published (target)space page

You can edit and save changes on a published space page. However, when you next publish the draft version of that page, it overwrites the content on the published space page.

Comala Publishing will display a warning in the editor when editing on a published page for this reason.

If you are using a Confluence theming app, you will need to ensure the byline that lists the page author, date, etc is visible as this is where the Publish page button is displayed.