You've installed the app, now what?

You will need to edit the Comala Publishing global configuration and then configure each individual space.

Configure the app

 Configure the app global permissions 

  • add/amend the Confluence user group that can publish content
  • define the spaces can be published

In the app global configuration

  • the app Publishers Group can publish content. The default setting is the confluence-administrators group
  • ANY space can be linked to another space and published

Users who will be publishing content will need to be both

  • members of the Confluence group added to the app Publishers Group
  • have space admin permission for the space to be published (the draft space) and the published space

Configure the space

In space tools, Comala Publishing can be used to link two spaces - these will be a draft space and a target published space.

You will need

  • space admin permissions for both spaces
  • to be a member of the Confluence group added to the app Publishers Group

You can then configure the content to be published and initialize the synchronisation of the two spaces.

Linking the draft and the published space

There are two options to set up the draft and published spaces:

  • Option 1: Publish content from one space to a new published space.
  • Option 2: Publish existing public content, from a new draft space.

Here are two example scenarios that can help you understand these two options.

Option 1: A new documentation space

Use this option if...

  • you are starting a new documentation space, or
  • you have an existing space you will use as the draft, and will publish to a new space

Let's say you're starting a new documentation space

  • your content is ready for your audience
  • you will occasionally update the content
  • you want a clean and approved version for your audience to read

You can create a new space, then use Comala Publishing to link and sync your draft documentation space with this new space, which will be the published version. 

Any time you make a change to a page in the draft space, the page's state changes to out of sync until you publish the space or the page.

You first need to create a new empty space. This will be the Published space.

  • link the current space to the target space that will be the Published space

  • choose Publish to synchronize the content in the two spaces

Before choosing Publish you can

Once synced, you can make changes to your content in the new Draft space then publish the whole space or individual pages

Option 2: Adding to a populated space

Use this option if...

  • you have an existing space, on which people have comments, watched pages, etc
  • you need a draft space to which you can make changes, and when approved, will publish to your existing space

Let's say you have a space that

  • is rich in content
  • already has comments
  • has users watching pages and user labels

You need a new draft space you will publish to this pre-existing populated space.

You first need to create a new empty space. This will be the Draft space.

The existing populated space will be the Published space and the initial configuration of Comala Publishing for this Option 2  is in space tools in this populated space.

In the populated Published space space tools use Comala Publishing option to Publish from another Space

  • link the two spaces using the dropdown menu

  • choose Synchronize to copy the populated space content to the new Draft space

All the content on the populated space will be copied over to the Draft space.

Before choosing Synchronize, you can select Advanced options to manage the configuration for this initial copy process.

For example, you might need to consider unchecking Ignore Top-Level Pages to ensure the populated space home page and any other orphan or top-level pages are copied to the new draft space.

Once this initial synchronization is done, navigate to the new linked Draft space.

In the new Draft space you can configure publishing options to decide how to handle deleted pages, labels, properties and more.

  • all further configuration and publishing of Comala Publishing is undertaken in this linked Draft space

You can make changes to your content in the new Draft space then publish the whole space or individual pages

Note that unlinking the spaces can only be completed in the Draft space space tools Publishing dashboard.

Exclude some page content from being published

What can you do if you don't want some of the page content to be published?

Comala Publishing provides a simple solution.

You can

Copy space content

Comala Publishing can also be used to simply copy a space to another space. This will be a snapshot of the current space at the time of the copy. There is no sync between the spaces after the copying of the content has been completed.

Prior to copying the space, you can set Copy Options to choose the content to copy (pages and/or blogposts, labels) and whether to delete existing content in the target space for the copy. The Advanced Copy Options allow you to choose what data in included with your pages and or blog posts.

Users who can copy spaces will need to have

  • space admin permission in the draft space
  • at least View, Edit, Delete permissions for pages, blogs, attachments and comments in the destination space
  • be a member of the Confluence user group added to the app global Publishing configuration Copiers Group