Available Comala Publishing for Server 2.12+


There might be content within a page that you don't want to publish for a variety of reasons.

For that use case you can use the {ignore-publishing} macro, which provides the ability to do so.

How does the macro work?

  • add the macro, type {ignore-publishing} in the page location where you want to insert the content to be ignored

  • type, or copy and paste, the content within the macro body

  • Save your changes

adding ignore-publishing macro

From now on, you can publish that page and that content won't be published to the target space. Remember, this macro is ignored if you use the Space Copy feature.


The expected outcome looks like the following for the example above

Draft page

Published page

This macro only works for the Publish Space scope and Publish Page scope features. It will be ignored when using Space Copy feature, which will copy all content as is.