Display Options

You can set the option to display

  • a publishing lozenge on the published content in the source space
  • a draft watermark on source space logo publishing pages and blog posts in a space

To configure the publishing Display Options open the space tools Publishing dashboard

  • choose Configure
  • under Settings choose DISPLAY OPTIONS

Publishing options set in Configure will apply to content published via both space Publish and single page-level publishing.

Display options

Display Publishing Status Lozenge

You can also choose to enable the addition of publishing status lozenges to your content to help in tracking the current status of your publish space and source space.

If Display Publishing Status Lozenge is checked the publishing status lozenge is displayed on the source space content.

The lozenge on each piece of content

  •  is set as Published PUBLISHED when content is synchronized 
  •  is Out of Sync OUT OF SYNC when the content is not synchronized
  •  is New NEW when the content has not yet been published

If you are using Comala Document Management, this app provides its own status lozenges for the workflow states.

If the  Publish Settings are changed - for example, the option Always Publish is checked - this may cause pages to be displayed as out of sync in View Changes. Content will also be displayed in the published space with an Out of Sync lozenge.

Target space publishing lozenge

The behavior of the publishing status lozenge on the target space content is not affected by the Display Publishing Status Lozenge option.

The publishing status lozenge displayed on the target space content is dependent on the current user Confluence permissions on the content in the source space.

  • lozenges are displayed on the target space if the current user has at least view permission on the source space content

  • lozenges are not displayed if the current user does not have view permission on the source content

The display of the target content link to the source space content is also dependent on the user permission on the source content

Draft watermark

To help identify the source and published content a draft watermark can be added to the source space icon.

See: Display Options - Configure Settings Summary

Configure options

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