When you delete pages from a draft space, you must set the publishing options to delete them from the published space, or you can manually delete single pages.

Setting publishing options to delete out-of-sync pages

A notification on View Changes shows which pages are out of sync: pages exist in the published space but not in the draft space. If the Delete pages added in Target Space options is selected, out-of-sync pages are deleted.

To delete a page from synched spaces:

  1. Delete the draft page.
  2. Select Delete pages added in target space in Configure in Publishing in Space tools
  3. Save.
  4. Select View Changes to see the draft page included in the Page Deletions list.
  5. Click Publish to delete out-of-sync pages.

Delete individual out-of-sync pages

If you delete a page from the draft space, you can manually delete the page from the published space.

To delete a page from both spaces:

  1. Click view public version on any page to move into the published space.
  2. Select the published version of the deleted draft space page. The published page status is new.
  3. Click Delete in the Tools menu on the published page. The page is deleted in both spaces.