When you delete a page from a draft space

  • the space admin can set the publishing options to delete them from the published space the next time the space is published (Publish Space scope synchronization).
  • or you can manually delete single pages from the published space

When you delete a page from the published space, the page in the draft page status changes to NEW. The page in the draft space must be deleted or the page can be published again.

Setting publishing options to remove deleted draft space pages from the publishing space

A notification on View Changes shows which pages are out of sync.

If the Delete target space content option is selected in Configure Publishing Options, the out-of-sync pages are removed when the space is synchronized.

To remove a page from the synced published space

  • delete the draft space page

  • check Delete pages added in target space in CConfigure Publishing Options

  • Save the configuration change

  • Select View Changes

  • choose the Published space tab to see the draft page included in the Page Removal list

    Any content that is present in the Published Space but is not in the Draft Space will be listed with a REMOVE change lozenge.

  • Choose Publish in the Publishing dashboard to remove these out-of-sync pages

Delete individual out-of-sync pages

If you delete a page from the draft space, you can manually delete the page from the published space.

To delete a page from both spaces:

  • choose View public version on any page in the draft space to move to the published space or choose the page in the View changes report

  • Select the published space version of the deleted draft space page

    The published page status is NEW.

  • choose Delete in the page tools menu on the published page

The page is now deleted from both the draft space and the published space.

Deleting published space content

When you delete a page from the published space, the page in the draft page status changes

  • the View Changes report for the draft space will display the RESTORE FROM TRASH lozenge for the change if the content is published

  • the publishing status is displayed as NEW on the draft space page with the option (if Publish Page scope is enabled) to publish the single page

This draft page is added to the published space when the page or space is published