You can copy one space to another when you have a space with information you want to replicate. You can use this option to copy a space as it exists at a point in time.

User Permissions

To copy a space you will need to

  • have space admin permission in the space you want to copy
  • have at least View, Edit and Delete permission for pages, blog posts, and attachments in the target space
  • to be a member of the Confluence user group added to the app global publishing configuration Copiers Group

Copying a space

To copy one space to another, you need to

Select a target space

  1. Create a target space (if not already done so)

  2. In your source space for the copy, choose Publishing in the space tools menu

  3. Close the popup option box for setting up a Published Space.

    The display will confirm the current Publish Space status

  4. Choose Copy Space option

  5. Select the Target Space for the content to be copied to using the dropdown menu.

You will need view and edit permissions for the target space.

Select the Copy Options

  1. Check the required Copy Options

  2.  Check the required Advanced Options for the copy

If you want to replace the target space home page with the source space home page

    • check the Copy Options to Delete target space content (pages and blog posts)

Copy Space

  1. Choose Copy Space when you have set the required copy options and selected a target space.

  2. Choose Confirm Copy Space.

    The successful copy of the space is confirmed.

Copy Configuration Options

  • Copy OptionsHow to set the copy options to choose the content to copy and whether to keep existing content in a target space
  • Advanced Copy OptionsHow to set the advanced copy options to choose the data to include with the content to copy