Content Options

You can configure the following content options for publishing pages and blog posts in a space.

To configure the publishing Content Options open the space tools Publishing dashboard

  • choose Configure
  • under Settings choose CONTENT OPTIONS

Publishing options set in Configure will apply to content published via both space Publish and single page-level publishing.

Data to include

These options allow the choice of the content data to include in the pages and/or blog posts to be published.

Content Properties

Check Content Properties option to publish properties of the content that are associated with other apps such as metadata.


Check Labels to include content labels (except the sync-label) when publishing the content.

If choosing to include content labels you can check Match  labels

    • all existing published content will be updated to match the labels on the content in the source space

Checking Match labels causes any existing published content labels to be removed if not present on the source content.


The published content data can be set to include or exclude

  • source content page Restrictions copied from the source content to the published content


The data can be set to include data related to the ServiceRocket Scaffolding Forms and Templates app. This option is only available when the ServiceRocket app is installed.

Version comments

The published content data can be set to include or exclude the "What did you change" latest comment that is recorded when a user updates the content.

Override Content

If the Override Content option this checked, the page history will not be retained on the published content.

(warning) When Content Properties and the Publishing option>Use final state version  are both checked, any content currently in a draft workflow state but with a previous final state version will not be published. In View changes-space tools these pages will be flagged as awp unpublishable. This is because the metadata/content properties including the workflow state are the values associated with the content at the time of publishing. 

Set content modification date in target space as:

Use the button option to set published content as either

  • Latest modification date


  • Publish date

On publishing

  • the Latest modification date will be taken from the item (page/blog post/attachment) in the source draft space that is being published
  • Publish date will be the date the last content was published and synced

Working with the sync-label

These options allow the content to be published based on the value of a label. This is the sync-label, its value is set by the global administrator for the instance.

(info) The default sync-label label global value on app install is SYNCME

Working with the sync-label

Content to be published can also be filtered by using a sync-label

Use sync-label

If checked you can choose how it will be used.

When Use sync-label is checked you can either

    • Publish content with the sync-label
    • Publish content without the sync label

You can choose Include child pages to publish the child pages of a page with the sync-label.

If you check Ignore sync-label for Blog Posts, then all blog posts will then be published on a space publish action (if Blog Posts is checked in Space Publishing Options).

Delete sync-label

If checked, the current sync-label will be removed from all the source content in the space after publishing. 

(info) If set, the sync-label will be removed from the published content whether or not you have chosen to use the sync-label as a content publishing filter.