You can configure options for publishing pages and blog posts in a space.

Content publishing can be undertaken for a whole space and for a single page. Publishing will be from the source space to a chosen target space.

Publishing options include

Configure publishing

Open the space tools Publishing dashboard

Choose the Configure button

Configure publishing options

You must configure a target space for publishing. You can link the two spaces either by choosing a target space when in the source space or set the target space from the source space.

(info) Once the two spaces are linked all further configuration is only done in the target space.

A space admin can disable single-page publishing for a space by moving the green tick slider in the Configure screen.

  • Target spaceConfigure target space for publishing content
  • Single page publishSet the option to display the option on a page for a user to publish an individual page 
  • Content options - SettingsConfigure options for publishing content, what data to include such as content properties and labels; what date to set on publishing the content and how the sync-label is used for publishin
  • Display options - SettingsConfigure option to display a publishing lozenge on the published content; display draft watermark on source space logo
  • Space publishing options - SettingsConfigure options when publishing content from the Publish option in the space tools Publishing dashboard.
  • Configure Settings SummarySummary table of the Comala Publishing Configuration Settings options in a space

When configuring publishing options in Configure

Publishing dashboard