Thank you for choosing Comala Publishing to optimize the way you publish your Confluence content. This guide covers features and functions that are available to Confluence users and space administrators.

Comala Publishing (formerly Ad hoc Publishing) provides between-space publishing:

Comala Publishing is Comala Workflows compatible. Comala Workflows extends Comala Publishing by automating more elaborated approval processes.

Getting Started

Install the plugin then synchronize your draft and target spaces. When you have synced two spaces, you can easily identify the state of each draft and published page as new, out of sync, or published.

Make content changes in your draft space, then update the publish space all at once or one page at a time. You can set publishing options to exclude pages or blog posts, clean up out-of-sync pages, or keep labels intact, among other options.

With Comala Publishing, you can also copy one space to another to replicate content. Use this option to copy a space as it exists at a point in time.