Comala Publishing Global Administration

Global administrators can configure settings for Comala Publishing in the global configuration for the app.

The global configuration screen allows you to manage the general configuration of the Comala Publishing app.

A global administrator can edit

Permissions settings

Global admins can define

  • the space administrators who are allowed to publish or copy content
  • the list of spaces that can be published

Publishers GroupOnly space administrators that are a member of the Publishers Group are allowed to publish a space.Default: confluence-administrators
Copiers GroupOnly space administrators that are a member of the Copiers Group are allowed to copy a space.Default: confluence-administrators
Publishable SpacesOnly the spaces indicated in the publishable spaces list can be published.Default: ANY

The space to be published to (the destination space) is configured in the space tools Publish screen in the space to be published (the source/draft space). 

Content properties to be copied

Global admins can define the information stored as content properties to be copied.

Apps such as Metadata and Scaffold store information as Content Properties and each property has its own name. The default settings are

  • metadata is metadata defined by the Comala Metadata and Comala Document Management apps
  • com.communardo is metadata defined by the Communardo Metadata app




Properties prefixes

Define the prefixes of those properties you want to get copied.

Default: metadata, com.communardo

Setting the content sync-label

Global admins can set the content label that a space admin can (optionally) use to configure content to be synchronized.

A space administrator can configure space publishing to

  • include content properties when publishing or copying content
  • use or ignore the sync label as a filter for publishing 

Define blog posts and pages to be published. Add one or more labels in a comma-separated list.

This label is used as the sync-label for publishing (see Configure Publishing Settings - space tools)

(info) Default global value for the label on app install is syncme

(warning) A space admin must choose whether to use the sync-label for publishing. The default space setting is to ignore the sync-label.

Usage Statistics

You can also choose to uncheck the Send Usage Statistics checkbox to disable the sending of usage statistics to Comalatech.

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