You can copy one space to another when you have a space with information you want to replicate. This option can be used to copy a space as it exists at a point in time.

In the Advanced Copy Options, prior to copying to the target space, you can choose

  • what data will be included in the copy of the content set in Copy Options
  • whether to replace source space references with target space references
  • to copy only the final state of a Comala Document Management family app workflow

Advanced Options will be applied to the copied content (pages and/or blog posts) configured in Copy Options.

Advanced Options


Set modification date as copying date

Option for modification data added for copied pages, blog posts and attachments

  • If checked, the modification or creation date will match the date the copying occurred

  • If unchecked, the modification date of the source space content will be used

By default, the modification date will be taken from the item in the source space that is being published.

Copy Scaffolding

Option to copy properties associated with ServiceRocket Scaffolding and Templates app

  • If checked, copy the scaffold data. Only the latest version data will be copied

  • If NOT checked, scaffold data will not be copied

Use final state version

Copy the version of the page corresponding to the Comala Document Management workflow final state. Pages that do not have a final state will not be copied.(star)

Copy Content Properties

Page properties are attributes associated with pages usually defined by other plugins (added in global administration)

See the specific plugin's configuration for determining the prefix of the properties to be published. Properties with prefixes specified in Confluence Admin only are published. (star)

Replace source space references

  • If checked, replace all the local space references (i.e. [SPACEKEY:PageName]) with the target space key

Copy version comments

  • If checked, the most recent comment added by a user on updating the source space page is published to the target space

Copy page restrictions

  • If checked, page restrictions are copied from the source space to the target space AND any restrictions on the content in the target space are removed

(star)  When Use final state version AND Copy Content Properties are both checked then pages with a final state version but that are currently in a draft workflow state will not be copied.