Comala Publishing 2.3

October 24, 2014

Comala Publishing 2.3 is a feature and bug fix release.


Install through the plugin repository.


Upgrade for Existing Users - Prior to 2.0

Please note the 2.0 release of the Comala Publishing plugin is a paid upgrade. You need to purchase a license before using this version.

Spaces that are already configured for publishing will not have single-page publishing enabled by default. If you are integrating with Comala Workflows, you don't have to worry about your workflow steps being bypassed.



What's new?

Replacing the modification date

A new option in the publishing and copy configuration allows you to use the current date as the modification date for published or copied pages and attachments.


New Publishing Progress Screen

We've made some improvements to the space publishing and copying in progress screen.  When finished, it will return to the publishing status screen when publishing or link to the target space when copying.

Other Updates and Improvements

  • Attachment labels are now copied when publishing or copying spaces with the "Copy Labels" option selected.
  • Some bug fixes when publishing or copying pages with the "" option selected.
  • Stop HTTP 401 errors in the log when anonymous users are viewing pages that show publishing status to logged in users.
  • Space Copying now copies the space logo.
  • The "Draft" watermark is now also shown on space admin pages, when the "" option is selected.