Comala Publishing 2.15.6


Comala Publishing 2.15.6 is a minor update and bugfix release


Install through the Atlassian Marketplace.

What's New?

Seibert Media Linchpin Enterprise News Integration

Comala Publishing 2.15.6+ now provides integration with the Linchpin Enterprise News app for page publishing events. News published using Comala Publishing 2.15.6+ now retains the teaser and metadata. This integration works for first-time publishing of content and publishing content updates.

(info) Note that his integration requires Linchpin Enterprise News v2.19.0+ 

Legal updates

As part of our integration into the Appfire family, we have updated our EULA, copyright statements, and associated references.




  • improved user feedback for spaces that are already in sync when the publishing action is run. The same Spaces are in sync message is now displayed when publishing already in sync spaces without reviewing changes or after reviewing changes
  • in the space tools Publishing dashboard, the synchronization status date and time are now displayed ONLY after the space publishing has been completed. Publishing action progress is now displayed for a long-lasting publishing operation
  • fixed an issue that set an Out of Sync status when the Content Properties publishing option is selected and a page had content properties with the same name but a different key type (caused for example, after upgrading Confluence)