Comala Publishing 2.13.2


Comala Publishing 2.13.2 is a bug fix release.


Install through the Atlassian Marketplace.

Bug Fixes and Updates

  • fixes for attachment publishing, including being able to detect if a attachment is deleted and uploaded again with the same name.  Also resolves an issue where attachment labels and comment updates were not being published
  • Comala Document Management integration fixes so that page movements and restrictions are detected when the copy workflow final state option is selected. Also backend updates so the installation order of these two apps should not affect the integration functionality
  • fixed an error with labels that caused the publishing process to fail on recent versions of Confluence
  • we've updated the default property prefixes that are copied when publishing a page to include the prefixes for the Communardo metadata app.  This fixes an issue where listener in the  Communardo metadata app was not updating values on a published page after the first update.  ((info) if you have manually changed the property prefix settings in global publishing admin settings, this default is not applied)
  • minor UI fix for the Draft label displayed on the space logo to ensure persistent display after clicking on it