Ad hoc Publishing 2.1

April 30, 2014

Ad hoc Publishing 2.1 is a feature update, including new options for Ad hoc Workflows users and a new draft space indicator.


Install through the plugin repository.


Upgrade for Existing Users - Prior to 2.0

Please note the 2.0 release of Ad hoc Publishing plugin is a paid upgrade. You need to purchase a license before using this version.

Spaces that are already configured for publishing will not have single-page publishing enabled by default. If you are integrating with Ad hoc Workflows, you don't have to worry about your workflow steps being bypassed.



What's new?

Ad hoc Workflow Integration Improvements


There is a new option in the space configuration that lets you publish pages in the final workflow state only. This makes it easier to transition from using Ad hoc Workflows publishing to using space publishing, or to take a copy of your space that only includes the approved pages at a given point in time.

We have also added a new configuration option to control the display of the published-page lozenge. If you are are using Ad hoc Workflows to control the publishing of pages to a different space, the published indicator from the Ad hoc Publishing plugin can be hidden to avoid confusion.




Draft Space Indicator

A new indicator has been added to publishing draft spaces. You can disable this in space configuration, if required.


Other Updates and Improvements

  • The add comment permission is no longer required to publish pages.