Ad hoc Publishing 2.0.1

March 21, 2014

Ad hoc Publishing 2.0.1 is a bug fix release


Install through the plugin repository.


Upgrade for Existing Users - Prior to 2.0

Please note the 2.0 release of Ad hoc Publishing plugin is a paid upgrade.  You will need to purchase a license before using this version.

Spaces that are already configured for publishing will not have single page publishing enabled by default, so if you are integrating with Ad hoc Workflows you don't have to worry about your workflow steps being bypassed.



Bug fixes and Improvements

  • The link to view the draft page and the published status lozenge will not be visible on a published page unless the user has view permission on the draft page
  • Added a success notification on a single page publish
  • Deleting a published space will no longer prevent the draft space publishing settings from being edited.